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Schedule a meeting with our team through our website chat feature or by completing our contact form. A Clinic Liaison will then be assigned to you to discuss the next steps to getting started.

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During your meeting, your Clinic Liaison will assist you in evaluating your operational needs, navigating product options and pricing, and guiding you through the account setup process, encompassing licensing and any other pertinent details.


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After coordinating with your Clinical Liaison and gaining insight into our offerings, you will receive the account setup documents for completion and submission for review and approval. With your account, you can commence a streamlined ordering process, engage with a dedicated team member, and access our clinical and medical affairs pharmacists. Our technology enables effortless data exchange through integrated API software.

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We source all our medications and active pharmaceutical ingredients from FDA-registered suppliers and manufacturers.

Given the vastness and uniqueness of individualized compounded formulations, it is impossible to list every potential compound we offer. To inquire if we currently carry or can compound your prescription, please fill out the form located on our Contact page or call us at (877) 562-8577.

Each injectable IV product will have the osmolarity listed on the label located on the vial.

An Empower Pharmacy label with the osmolarity location highlighted.

A clinical pharmacist cannot recommend a specific doctor. Because we are licensed in all 50 states*, we can accept prescriptions from many licensed prescribers if the prescription is written within their scope of practice and with a valid patient-practitioner relationship.

*Licensing is subject to change.

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