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We’re a compounding pharmacy that goes beyond serving patients with customized medicine. We build relationships, equip you to scale your practice, and drive better health outcomes.


Our expertise, technology, and at-scale production are at your disposal, giving you access to our wide array of compounded medications and ensuring patients thrive.


Our robust portfolio of patient-specific prescriptions and office-use medications comes in a variety of dosage strengths and forms to support you in delivering the best patient experiences possible.


Every step of our fulfillment process adheres to rigorous standards, from ingredient sourcing to manufacturing to packaging, resulting in high-quality medications that distinguish your practice.

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Discover compounded medications for individualized prescriptions and in-office medications.

Men's Health

Men's Health

Men have unique health issues that may benefit from medications prepared by a compounding pharmacy. Empower Pharmacy offers custom medications for erectile dysfunction, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), and other needs to assist with men's overall health and wellness.

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Women’s Health

Health concerns affecting women can often be addressed through medications specially formulated by compounding pharmacies. Just as every woman is unique, so are the custom medication therapies prepared by our pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians.

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Dermatological conditions, caused by various factors, can impact individuals at different life stages. We create personalized therapies for aging, hair loss, acne, and skin inflammation with tailored medications, providing alternatives and advantages for dermatological care.

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Hormone Replacement

Over the past several decades, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been at the forefront of medical science and the focal point of public interest. We are here with cutting-edge HRT solutions tailored to individual needs and preferences.

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Weight Management

Because many American adults struggle with weight management, Empower Pharmacy offers medications such as appetite suppressants, Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonists, dietary supplements, and lipotropic and B12 injections potentially to assist with weight loss and overall personal health.

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IV Therapy

Injectables and IV therapy offer faster and more direct delivery into the bloodstream, while gastrointestinal barriers may impede adequate absorption for some patients. Achieving maximum nutrient bioavailability is possible through IV therapy infusion and injections.

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Healthy aging and vibrant living start at a cellular level. Adjust your patients’ goals with a variety of products because, for us, longevity care rediscovers well-being at any stage. As we redefine wellness at every stage, we are committed to enhancing the process with personalized solutions.

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Sexual Wellness

Sexual function in men and women can have a significant impact on quality of life. To ensure healthcare providers can meet their patient's needs, Empower Pharmacy offers commercial products as well as compounded medications, including combination options, to consider.

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Mental Health

Everything from biological factors to life experiences to a patient’s environment can impact emotional and psychological well-being. Learn about the variety of commercial and compounded medications Empower Pharmacy offers to support your patient's mental health.

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Gender Affirming Care

Personalized gender affirming care is tailored to each individual's unique journey, utilizing a variety of products and treatments to support their goals and promote well-being at every stage of life. Empower Pharmacy redefines wellness, empowering patients to live authentically and confidently while receiving comprehensive care.

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Who We AreYour Trusted Partner for 503A and 503B Compounding Solutions

We are your home for patient prescriptions and office-use medications.

Empower creates custom, prescription-only medications for patient-specific use via our PCAB®-accredited 503A compounding pharmacy. We also produce compounded formulations in high volume for office use in our FDA-regulated 503B outsourcing facility.


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Access to affordable, high-quality, compounded medication shouldn't be limited by location. That's why we're licensed to ship nationwide, including Puerto Rico.

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