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Health Concerns

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It’s normal for a man’s testosterone levels to gradually decline after 40.[2] But, when levels get too low, many related issues can interfere with normal life and disrupt overall well-being. Discover more about what could be happening by discussing with your provider.

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Hormones are involved in regulating a variety of processes within the body. So, when an imbalance interferes with your overall health, the resulting symptoms can become overwhelming. Find out how optimizing hormonal balance can have an impact in an array of unexpected ways through your provider.

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There are many reasons for a lowered sex drive, beyond just hormonal imbalance. For many, discussing low libido with your doctor is not easy. You may even brush it off as something that’ll resolve itself, but living with this condition can have a greater impact on well-being than you may think. Explore potential solutions with your provider to make informed choices for your overall wellness.

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Anyone who has experienced perimenopause or menopause will tell you the impacts are life-changing. 1.3 million individuals enter menopause each year, and many of them must not only cope with their symptoms but also struggle to live with them.[1] Contact your provider to learn more about available options for managing menopause.

Mental Health

Everything from biological factors to life experiences to your environment can negatively impact your emotional and psychological well-being. This, in turn, directly affects your thinking, mood, behavior, and even physical health. If you notice any signs of diminishing mental health, it’s important to recognize them. Speak with your provider to learn how to start prioritizing mental health.

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Mood and Sleep

Emotional health, sleep, and optimal brain function influence our thoughts, behaviors, relationships, and positive mindset. This is essential for proper decision-making, along with ensuring a balanced and fulfilling life. Learn more about what your body might be telling you regarding sleep, stress levels, mood, and brain function by speaking with your provider.

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Weight Management

Weight issues can be complex, and there are ways to address the physical and mental impacts. Many times, weight management can extend beyond just diet and exercise. Learn about the body’s many systems that interact with metabolic health and body composition by speaking with your provider.

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