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At Empower, we are recognized as a pivotal force in compounded medicine, continuously raising the bar for quality, innovation, and growth. Our advanced automated facilities are expertly designed for scalability, ensuring we remain leaders in a dynamic industry. We take pride in our 503A compounding pharmacy's PCAB® accreditation and our 503B outsourcing facility's strict adherence to the FDA's CGMPs. Our unwavering commitment to superior processes sets us apart and maintains our high-quality standards. Our trajectory of rapid growth is fueled by a diversified approach and the current market dynamics, positioning us for substantial expansion. Our leadership team embraces continuous innovation, seamlessly integrating advanced automation with conventional pharmacy practices. Our dedication to outstanding customer service and comprehensive health solutions consistently surpasses the expectations of our customers and stakeholders, reshaping the landscape of the industry.

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At Empower, our position as industry-leading experts is built on a foundation of driving excellence. We take full responsibility for our product development, compliance, quality assurance, and the cultivation of a culture rooted in inclusion and integrity. Our team is pivotal in driving expansion and innovating technology within our facilities. Our commitment significantly influences the future of compounding across various channels in diverse healthcare markets.



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GrowthLong-term value creation

Our approach to financial performance focuses on enhancing profitability and optimizing returns through strategic growth initiatives, efficient resource allocation, and expanding margins, all contributing to promoting economies of scale and bolstered revenue streams. Empower's remarkable growth trajectory has been unparalleled in the compounding industry, leading a transformative shift beyond traditional integrative care and specialization. As we continue to innovate and broaden our services, our vision is to not only increase the diversity of our verticals but also to drive significant improvements in healthcare.

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