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How to Use a SnapIT™ Ampoule Opener

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The SnapIT™ tool simplifies the opening of sealed glass ampoules, commonly used for sterile hormone pellets, providing step-by-step instructions for safe and efficient use, including maintenance tips for cleaning and reassembly.

What Is a SnapIT?

A SnapIT is a tool that allows healthcare professionals to easily and safely open sealed glass ampoules, such as those sometimes used as containers for sterile hormone pellets. This guide shows you how to use a SnapIT.

How to Use a SnapIT Ampoule Opener

  1. Gently insert the entire ampoule lid into the SnapIT until you reach the scored line on the ampoule neck. The ampoule lid becomes locked in at the neck

A right hand holds the top of a SnapIT™ ampoule opener while a left hand inserts the lid of a glass ampoule into the bottom of the device. About half of the lid is in the SnapIT™

  1. While gripping the SnapIT with one hand and the bottom of the ampoule with the other, gently push the device down and away from your body. The ampoule lid should snap off and remain held in the SnapIT

A SnapIT™ with an ampoule inserted into it is presented horizontally. Below that, another SnapIT™ has been used to break the top off an ampoule so that the body of the ampoule is separated, and the lid is still in the device. A blue arrow to the right of both ampoule openers points downward toward the lower one. The words “snap away” are next to the arrow

  1. Carefully aim the opening of the SnapIT over a sharps container and eject the lid by pushing down on the rod at the top of the device

A right hand holds a SnapIT™ ampoule opener over the opening of a sharps container. The device is held between the thumb and second finger while the first finger rests on the rod at the top of the device. The words “push down” appear to the left of the SnapIT™, and below the words is a blue arrow pointing downward

  1. Clean your SnapIT ampoule opener regularly. To do this, remove the O-ring to disassemble the parts. Clean all the parts with water or hospital-grade cleaner. Do this in a clean dish to avoid loss of the parts. Dry the parts completely, then reassemble the device

A left hand holds a SnapIT™ ampoule opener. A right hand uses a metal pin, about the size of a small toothpick, to remove the O-ring from the device so that it can be disassembled and cleaned


If the ampoule lid shatters, tap the SnapIT over a sharps container to remove excess glass shards, then rinse it under running water before disassembling, cleaning and reassembling it.

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