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How to Use a Topi-CLICK®

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The article provides instructions for using the Topi-CLICK® applicator, including removing the cap, priming the device, applying the medication to the skin, and replacing the cap securely. Visual indicators help users track the amount of medication left for a refill.

How to Use a Topi-CLICK®

  1. Remove the cap of the Topi-CLICK® applicator by placing your thumb under the tab and pushing upward
  2. The Topi-CLICK® may need to be primed, which will ensure that the proper amount of medication comes out of the applicator. To prime it, rotate the base of the applicator until the cream easily comes out of the top. Please note that pressure may have built up in transit to your home. This can cause the cream to come our rapidly at first. However, the Topi‑CLICK® should come overfilled to account for priming. Therefore, you should still get the total amount of medication out of the applicator that was prescribed.
  3. Turn the base so that it clicks the number of times specified in the instructions on your prescription label. This will ensure that the prescribed amount of topical medication will be available for application. Wait for 15–30 seconds to allow all the cream to collect on the top of the applicator.
  4. Watch the visual indicators when rotating the base of the Topi-CLICK®. Make sure to leave the base in the proper clicking position by aligning the ridges on the base with the ridges on the bottom of the tube.
  5. Apply the medication by rubbing the cream from the top of the applicator to the area of skin as directed by your healthcare provider. It may take up to a minute for the medication to completely absorb into your skin.
  6. Place the cap back on the Topi-CLICK® to prevent evaporation. Make sure the cap snaps on tightly.
  7. When the bottom of the plunger inside the Topi-CLICK® reaches the line below the word “REFILL” on the side of the applicator, this means that approximately 32 clicks of medication are left in it. Approximately 12 clicks of medication remain when the bottom of the plunger reaches the line above the word “REFILL.” Use this to help you determine when you should refill your medication, if a refill is necessary.

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